I’m no football player, but I love watching football. The big news in football and particularly in Minnesota and Wisconsin land is the fact that Brett Favre has once again un-retired to join yet another football organization. Not just any football team but Wisconsin’s nemeses, the MN Vikings. I’m not even sure un-retired is a word because well, to state the obvious, who in their right mind retires and then ‘un-retires’? Regardless, the big hoopla to Wisconsin football fans comes down to loyalty, and they feel betrayed by Brett’s actions. Loyalty is an important character trait to posses. We value it and so do employers. Sticking with the football theme, I’m going to illustrate why you need training in this economy downturn. In my next article, I’ll address the types of training you should pursue, but for now I’m going to tackle the three reasons for training: Theสมัครเว็บบอล ufabet Grasp, The Hold and The Handle.

We all know that pro football players make a lot of money. To be fair they do put their bodies literally on the line every time they play the game. Yet, they don’t put their bodies through such torture, game after game, without going through rigorous training each year during training camps. You might think after playing the game for so many years they would not need training on the basic principles of football such as the grasp, the hold and the handle. After all, they are experts. Yet, their NFL coaches insist on this training. Why? There seems to be an inordinate amount of fumbles throughout the year. How does this apply to you? No matter how long you have been doing what you are doing at your job, you make some basic mistakes or fumbles. You’re human. Taking training classes continues to sharpen your skills so there are less fumbles.

In football the initial grasp of that piece of leather determines if the ball will fumble. Coaches encourage their players to mentally take note of every time they touch the ball in the correct manner. Football players do mental exercises in training? Yes. When is the last time you took mental note of when you performed your tasks at work correctly? Or are you caught in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again mindlessly? Training forces you to take time away from your job and mentally grasp the basic principles of your job. It reinforces what you already know but had either forgotten or become complacent thus causing fumbles all over the place.