Betting Responsibly – How to Avoid Problem Gambling

Gambling in the form of horse racing, sports betting, online or physical casino games, lotteries or other gambling activities can create addiction and problems for the gambler. Addiction to these gambling activities is also commonly known as ludomania or compulsive gambling, which is a kind of impulse control disorder. People who have a compulsive gambling problem often find it difficult to control the urge to gamble. Although these people are aware that their gambling problem can have a negative impact on their financial, social and emotional state, they simply do not have the willpower to stop the addiction.


Gambling problems can be triggered by a number of things. People can initially play just for fun. However, as arousal develops, uncontrolled urges can lead to addiction. This condition can be made worse by other factors. This activity can be the person’s scapegoat for UFABET  life’s difficulties. As one develops an attachment to gambling activities, several notable symptoms develop. People with gambling problems usually show at least five of these common symptoms:


– Preoccupied with the game: although the person does not play at all times, they may think frequently about the activity.


– Chasing: the game is played to make up for the loss suffered by the previous game.


– Abstinence: there is a need to be more active.


– Dishonesty: Like drug addicts, gambling addicts often hide their addiction from their family, friends, and other people around them.


– Tolerance: Larger or more frequent bets are often needed to retain excitement.


– Criminal acts: To obtain more capital for the game, problem gamblers who have little money tend to participate in illegal acts such as robbery, theft or fraud.


– Problem with social life: frequent gambling can negatively affect the important social ties of the individual, such as work, relationships, etc.


To prevent addiction, all that is needed are smart bets. Some simple tricks to avoid participating in compulsive gambling are:


1. Never play while your mind is troubled. Anxiety, anger, and sadness tend to allow people to engage in exciting activities to forget about their other problems. The condition is called escape and it is one of the most common triggers for addiction.


2. Limit the length of your gambling activities. Whether you go online or at a land-based casino, set a time limit for yourself. Be strict with yourself and log out or log out when the time is up.


3. Avoid drinking to excess. Alcohol will affect your judgment about things around you. Limit your alcohol consumption during gambling activity.


4. Limit your bets. When you are in a land based casino, carry only the amount of money that you can afford to lose. When the money runs out, don’t satisfy your urge to make a cash withdrawal from the nearest ATM. Cash advances with a credit card or borrowing money don’t help either. Better to walk away from the casino when the cash runs out to avoid spending more money.