Check and examine your kid’s activity

Well, when it comes about the technology, so no doubt, the era of technology is on the way ahead and still improving itself. This is the era where the apps are come up with so many interesting features, and fun same like this; on the other hand, there are also some apps that are specially developed to maintain the controlling and monitoring effective tool. These types of applications are specifically designed for parents.

As nowadays due to the interconnected and advanced technology lids are sharp and know how to trick and make fool to their parents, that’s why most of the times they can easily fool their parents. But what if, you have an app that allows and gives you full access to check your kid everyday activity on its phone even give you the trace and track location activities? Indeed you will love to get that app.

To consider this, kidSecured is one of the well-known apps that are designed to consider the android and I-phone features so no matter which phone you are using you can easily download this app on any smartphones.

But this is not the end; this app also allows you to examine your kid’s daily activity like you can check your kids

  • Reminder, calendar, private notes
  • Your kid’s private SMS, MMS, and I-messages
  • Private browsing
  • Bookmarks sites
  • History
  • Social apps chats
  • Personal messages
  • Photos and videos
  • Call logs activities
  • Contact list
  • Hidden or hide apps
  • Deleted messages and chats
  • Deleted or uninstall apps
  • Trace your kid GPS location

And a lot more through which you can check your kid friends, gathering, and its surrounding. To know more about this app, feel free to visit the official site.