How can spying your kid can disturb their personality?

The digital world makes everything almost a single click away. Watching your child from the dusk till dawn is also made a very easy task, thanks to the technology of today. We understand that many parents are overly protective of their kids but wait, is it okay to join the 61% of the creepy parents who even log in to their child’s social accounts secretly?

At the age of 12, it is okay to keep an eye on your kid just to make sure his safety. But as soon as he enters his teenage, he needs a little privacy and a sense of trust. Let us look at some disadvantages of parents using mobile applications like mspy UK mobile spy to track their kids 24/7 unnecessarily. It also becomes a habit of certain parents to question their kid about everything they witness using the tracking app.

  1. Becomes more secretive: once they find out they are being watched, they’ll want to hide more. You’ll be unaware of their emotional state. It’ll be hard for them to confess their mistakes when you’ll know them already.
  2. Trust issues: young people are filled with emotional and even tend to become rebellious when not given what’s demanded. They’ll lose trust in you when you track them. On the contrary, when you leave them independent and make them feel trusted, it’ll help them act in a much responsible and trustworthy manner.
  3. Becomes disobedient: your kid might feel the tracking application as an insult and end up not listening to you. They might get rebellious thinking that their own parents are stalking them and get themselves in danger by choice. You try to protect your kid will make more of a disturbing ask.