Vaping and Driving – What To Know

Is it illegal to vape while driving?
There is no new vaping law specifically aimed at vaping while driving. But at the same time, a vaper operating a vehicle is subject to existing laws related to careless driving.

As cloud chasing can block the viewing area, this action can be potentially dangerous in combination with driving. Be careful!
There are several avenues a law enforcement official could take to issue a vaping and driving citation. For example, every state has a law regarding texting and driving. In many states, the language of driving and texting laws refers to the use of a “portable electronic device” while driving.

There has at least been one case of a driver accused of vaping while driving. A New York driver received a ticket for vaping and driving because he was using a portable electronic device.
These two examples of laws on driver visibility through a windshield are broad. There is some kind of law that restricts non-transparent material in all IQOS Dubai 
states. Many states have laws about “elements” between the driver and the windshield. Vapor could potentially be considered a non-transparent material. Furthermore, it could be argued that steam is an “element” that obscures vision. The level of obstruction is a decision of a law enforcement officer.

Chasing clouds in a vehicle to the extent that your view is obstructed could be considered a violation under windshield laws in all states. There are no reports of windshield laws being used to fine vaping and driving, but the wide discretion granted to law enforcement could potentially be used to fine vaping and driving.