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This is the entrance to the Land of Shadows. These pages are dedicated to roleplaying games, and the creation of worlds new and complex.

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14 August 2006

Four extra links have been added.

19 March 2004

A couple of extra links and a new try at a hit counter have been added.

9 October 2003

Changed the webmaster e-mail address to avoid spamming.

8 October 2003

The webpage now displays the current date.

7 October 2003

A few changes due to a change in host: got rid of the counter, changed the e-mail addresses to avoid being spammed to death (add "@" and "." at the appropiate places before sending us any e-mail message) and updated a few broken links (thank you for letting us know!).

18 March 2003

A few changes to the whole website due to a change of server.

14 December 2002

A few more links have been added to all sections.

17 June 2002

The Vault page has been added to store new feats, spells and items for 3rd Edition D&D; more links have been added to all sections and some have been updated.

13 March 2002

More links have been added to all sections.

4 September 2001

More links and a bit of info on 3rd Edition D&D have been added.

24 May 2001

More links have been added.

10 April 2001

We added a basic contact page and changed the hit counter. The first take of the Dark Sun and Worldbuilding introduction pages are finished now. A few more links have also been added.

25 March 2001

We made a couple of small changes to the layout, added some new links and almost finished the introduction page. There is now also a hit counter.

18 March 2001

Right now there is little more than lists of links to other sites, but the plan is to expand it to cover more and more of the amazing worlds of the imagination.

Land of Shadows 2006